Our dedicated fleet of tipper trucks (up to 50 vehicles available) are fully compliant with current regulations. Our vehicles are optimised for fuel efficiency (which is reflected in our pricing) and equipped with high-specification automatic sheeting and automatic tailgates for quicker upload and delivery which minimises our turnaround times.

With our network of fully approved haulage partners we are also able to provide a seamless service in London, the Midlands and the North West to complement our operation in the West Midlands.

Recycled Aggregates Supplied:

  • Certificated to 6F2 standard (Recycled Concrete and Brick Hardcore)
  • Certificated MOT Type 1 (DOT approved Crushed Concrete sub-base material)
  • 20-5mm Graded Pipe Bedding
  • 75-40mm Vibro Stone
  • Single Sized Crushed Concrete
  • Blinding Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • Bulk Fill
  • Road Planings
  • Materials made to Specification

Government Legislation and policy changes have now firmly moved the industry away from “Dig and Dump”, in favour of maximising recycled materials and waste reduction. The items listed below are applying increasing pressure on how clients plan and design their projects particularly on Brownfield sites.

  • Increase in landfill tax every year (£82.60 per tonne April 2015)
  • Landfill Tax Exemptions were made obsolete from the end of 2010
  • Land Remediation Relief (this will be available on land fill tax)
  • Legal requirement to pre-treat waste prior to disposal off site
  • The Definition of Waste: Industry Code of Practice (implemented on site through a Materials Management Plan)

It is a legal requirement to have in place a Materials Management Plan (MMP) submitted to the Environment Agency and/or an Environmental Permit to allow the re-use or receiving of soils on site. We can provide this service though our in house Qualified Persons as part of our overall Turnkey Solutions. This process can be applied at the purchase and planning stages of projects, ensuring best value through on and off site waste reduction and recycling.

We have invested significantly in state of the art screening and processing plant and machinery to maximise the opportunities from on site recycling and minimise abnormal costs by improving the geotechnical qualities of soils as requried.

McAuliffe is sponsored by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), who have supported our investment in specialist plant & amp; machinery and also assist with the specification of our products, which is available on line at http://www.wrap.org.uk/waste-as-a-resource