McAuliffe - Brownfield Solutions for Residential Housebuilders and Property Developers

McAuliffe is the proven specialist environmental contractor delivering solutions in Brownfield site transformation at land acquisition and build-out stages. Our trusted know-how and “do-able solutions” are key to ensuring we deliver tangible results to your bottom line.

The wrong advice can cost you weeks or months of delay and drive up costs unnecessarily. Why take the risk yourself preparing any site for construction? It’s a legal, logistical and environmental conundrum. How can you avoid getting tangled up in all that environmental and regulatory red tape? And how can you be sure you’re achieving the absolute maximum potential from your land portfolio?

McAuliffe is the only partner you need when facing a complex technical site clean-up, considering your next land acquisition, or simply need some honest practical advice. Forget the headache of co-ordinating multiple parties on site. No more indecision over whether you have covered all the bases. We add real value from the very beginning. We take care of all your site planning and preparation through a comprehensive range of services which construction professionals have come to trust.

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